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Urban Cycling Buyer's Guide

Yours truly (Aaron Rosenzweig) has put together four videos on urban cycling

Part 1

Introduction to Urban and Utility cycling for daily travel. Honest discussion on difference between a Wal-Mart bike and a pro-shop bike. Essential components for urban cycles. Night riding with Knight Rider style lights and Tron style helmet.

Part 1 (continued)

Discussion of recumbent and semi-recumbent "laid back" bikes with examples.

Part 2

Discussion of three wheel and four wheel cycles. Discussion of "bucket" cargo bikes. Discussion of 4 and 7 passenger mini-van family cycles.

Part 3

Discussion of pedaling and the benefits of "clipless" pedals.

Important components:

Mr. Tuffy tire liners (or "slime" tubes) (part 1)
Sturmey Archer Front Drum Dynamo hub (part 1)
Sturmey Archer Rear Drum internal gear hub (part 1)
Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ fly T - your front head light (part 1)
Busch & Muller Toplight Flat S - your rear tail light (part 1)
Sumo Squeaky and Crystal Bell (from Tokyo Bell) - two great horns (part 1 & 1 cont.)

Optional accessories:

Continental "traffic" tires (part 1)
Sunlite Grocery Getter Pannier from REI - $35 per bag (part 1 cont.)
Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat - $15 (part 1)
Suspension seat post (part 1)
bebop pedals from vp-one (part 3)
ATAC pedals from Time (part 3)

Recumbent or semi-recumbent cycle:

Giant "Revive" - $500 - $1000 if you can find it (part 1 cont.)
Day 6 "Journey" - $800 (part 1 cont.)
Terra Trike "Rover" - $1000 (part 2)

Bucket bike:

Madsen cycle - $1500 USD (not perfect but readily available in the USA) (part 2)
WorkCycles Cargobike Long - $1259 Euro (part 2)
Nihola Family Trike - $1806 Euro (part 2)


KV4 Dutch Speed Cycle - $2265 Euro in a DIY kit (part 2)
Leiba classic - custom built $8000 USD (part 2)
Aerorider - custom built $8000 USD (part 2)

Family cycle:

Quattrocycle - $5795 shipped (part 2)
GX01 - $3495 shipped (part 2)

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