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San Mar Charity Ride

We are looking for sponsors for an upcoming bike ride to help children in need here in Maryland. The money benefits “San Mar” which is a modern day orphanage and foster care center in Maryland. I learned about it from my daughter’s elementary school teacher who is also participating.

My family of four will ride the “Quattrocycle" this July starting in Cumberland, Maryland as participants in “San Mar's" Great Bicycle Tour of the Historic C&O Canal.

We’re hoping to raise $2,500 for the cause and I’ve started by committing $500 towards that goal.

Online donations can be made at this link: sponsor Quattrocycle team for San Mar foster care center charity ride

This trip may require a bit more from my family than they have been used to, however, we are committed to completing the adventure. It helps that we are doing it to benefit the kids of San Mar!

Will you please consider spreading the word for this event? Any money we are able to raise will be sincerely appreciated.

If anyone does sponsor us through the link above, a tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you by email immediately. I thank you in advance from the depths of my heart down to my soon to be sore little legs!

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