This is a photo of our family riding to elementary school on our Quattrocycle with 7 seats, Canopy (roof), and electric assist.

My name is Aaron. I have personally met and made friends with the creators of the Quattrocycle and am trained in their building and repair. For over 10 years I searched for a way to cycle with my family in a safe, fun, and efficient way. In the summer of 2012 this dream was realized when we shipped the first Quattrocycles out of Europe by sending twelve of them to the USA. I was not alone. Five other brave pioneering families ordered Quattrocycles for that shipment. Together, we are having the time of our lives!

Please contact me with any questions or ideas you may have:

Aaron Rosenzweig
(301) 956-2319

Get to know us a little better by watching a Quattrocycle get ready for shipment.

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Here's our Urban Cycling Buyer's Guide videos. Yours truly, sharing what I've learned about cycling. Wish someone had done this for me when I started.

Here's a view of my wheel lights at night.