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We want a family cycle as bad as you do. We are talking about a "sociable" side-by-side bike. A modern pedal car. A four wheel bike for two, four, or more people. Work with us to find the best possible quadricycle at a reasonable price. Let us know what features are important to you.

Family cycles will arrive by truck to your home 100% assembled.

Netherland's Quattrocycle — $5,895 USD plus shipping)

(two seater model two person bike is $5,295 USD plus shipping)

As low as $147 per month with good credit. apply for loan

Without question the Quattrocycle is the best family cycle ever devised. "What is that?" Yes, this is that cool bike™

English Manual PDF document

The Dutch clearly understand how to make the most efficient human powered vehicle.

The seats are the most comfortable of any family cycle. They are in the "recumbent" (lay down) position. Imagine a recumbent tandem for four people. It's well known that this provides the most power from the human body. The back row is slightly higher than the front so all four riders have a clear view of the road ahead. Every rider has their own set of gears enabling them to pedal at their own preferred cadence. The seats are made of Textilene. This strong material is impervious to the elements. It dries quickly when wet and allows your clothing to breathe.

Optional third row seating make this a 7 seat bike. The third row seats three children, each child with their own seat belt. Only the primary four seats can pedal, the third row cannot pedal.

Each of the four primary riders have their own gear shift knob. Each seat is also individually height adjustible for the rider's leg length. This allows every rider to not only participate but to adjust the performance of the outing as they see fit. Want to relax? you can just coast. Want a fast cadence? lower your gear range. Want to go fast down those hills? up your gearing.

Only the Quattrocycle has a true off-road suspension. Not only does this provide a smooth ride but it is an important safety feature. When traveling at high speeds and hitting a bump this suspension ensures that all wheels stay in contact with the ground.

The pedals are high above the wheels. This ensures optimum ground clearance. Never will your feet come in contact with a curb or rock.

Curious about the first picture with one wheel high on a wall? Normally you wouldn't do that but it shows how even at such a high angle the other three wheels are still firmly planted on the ground. The Quattrocycle not only has an advanced suspension but it also has a flex-frame. The benefit? When traveling fast all tires remain in contact with the ground no matter how rough the terrain. It absorbs bumps better than most cars. This all amounts to a safer, gentler, and more enjoyable ride.

Steering is done by one rider in the back. If you decide to let younger children participate up front you can easily keep tabs on them without having to turn your head backwards. You can also interact with children in the optional third row seat passing them snacks on your trip. The Quattrocycle features "under seat steering" known as USS. This is common in high performance recumbent vehicles as it allows you to have full control at all times.

Perhaps only the Netherlands could concieve of the Quattrocycle. It's a country that has more bicycles than people. The Dutch own 1.11 bicycles per person to be exact. They sell more than 1.2 million cycles each year for the average price of 815 USD. For them cycling is a part of life. Their laws and bikeways attest to this. You can learn more about the Dutch mindset towards cycling on wikipedia. A very informative point of view can be found in this PDF document.

You may purchase any of the options available for the Quattrocycle. Design your cycle the way you want it.

Electric assist is here. It is fully compliant with European law which is more stringent than the USA. It does not use a throttle because it uses "speed assist" instead. This means the system will feel you pedaling and augment your natural strength. When you stop pedaling, it stops assisting. It has three settings: high, medium, and low. Adjust it to fit your workout level. The driver seat provides power to the left-rear wheel. The electric motor provides power to the right-rear wheel. This simple system gives power to both rear wheels even when only the driver is pedaling.

The Quattrocycle uses internal gear hubs to provide shifting to all riders. On any internal gear hub, you should stop pedaling for a brief moment and then shift. You can also shift when standing still. This is different from derailleur bicycles many of us are used to.

No one gets left behind on the Quattrocycle. Become king of the road.

Own that cool bike™

Family Cycle / Bicycle Car Comparison Matrix

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Make / Model # of Gear Shifts Gearing # of Pedals # Seats (max) Ind. Height Adj. Seats Quick Dry Seats Ground Height Shocks Steering Brakes Canopy Electric Gas Solar Reverse Origin
Quattrocycle 4 IGH internal gear hub 4 7 yes yes tall yes USS under seat front & rear opt. yes no no no Netherlands
Rhoades Car 4W4P 2 derailleur 2 4 yes no low no bike handle bars rear yes yes no no no USA
Tum Tum Fenix 2 derailleur 4 4 yes no low yes bike handle bars rear opt. yes yes opt. no USA
Surrey Ciclofan Delfino 0 none 4 8 no no low no wheel with rack and pinion rear yes no no no no Italy
ZEM 4 IGH internal gear hub 4 4 yes no low elast-onomer bike handle bars front & rear no no no no yes Swiss
GX01 2 IGH internal gear hub 4 4 yes no low no wheel with rack and pinion rear yes yes no no no China