The Quattrocycle is the ultimate LEV (Life Enhancing Vehicle). The perfect short distance family bike for fun, health and the environment. It is powered by you and an optional electric boost.

Perhaps you've already seen the Quattrocycle on the road and said "What is that?" Yes, this is that cool bike™ Quattrocycle pioneers accross the USA and Canada are already living the good life. Perhaps you would like to chat with them in the forum.

"Chat" and "Bike" on one bicycle car where everyone can pedal. In fact, you each get your own gear shift! You are free to pick your own perfect cadence. These quad-cycles with four wheels allow you to have a conversation just as you do in your automobile. You may seat up to 7 just like your mini-van.

Go out for 5 to 10 mile trips. Go grocery shopping. Take your children to school. Run errands. Do all this free from worry knowing where your loved ones are at all times. Take to the roads and go places you never could have gone before.

You cannot ride your family cycle on the high speed interstate. Everything else is fair game. With electric assistance you'll climb hills with ease. Tow your family cycle to the beach and on road trips to explore your destination in style.

All four riders pedal. All four riders shift their own set of gears. All four seats are adjustible. Only the Quattrocycle makes this possible! Dutch creativity at its finest.

Holland's cycle 6 in stock. Get yours before they are gone!

$5,895 CAD plus shipping. The Netherlands have made the ultimate family cycle named the "Quattrocycle." It boasts a full car-like suspension for smooth riding even on rough roads. It seats four people plus another three children for a total of seven riders. Each of the primary four people can pedal independently and have access to their own set of gears. Ride yours home today!. Or read more info about it. (Two seater $5,295 CAD)