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Tighten bottom bracket bicycle

Tightening the bottom bracket, where the pedals connect, on a Quattrocycle. It's the same process for most bicycles.

I noticed my bottom bracket getting loose. It took me a while to figure it out! The symptom was a loud scraping noise but I couldn't tell where. Also my pedals were harder to move. Hmmm... my daughter spotted it before I did. The part where the pedals connect is called the bottom bracket. It was separating!

I made this video to how to tighten it. Any bike shop should be able to do it, it's a common bike part but you can also do it yourself.

Here are the exact tools I purchased to do this right:

IceToolz universal crank puller:

Park Tool BBT-22 Shimano Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool:

If you have vise grips and are tempted to use them I'd say don't. I did that and even though I used a towel between the teeth I still left tooth marks in the bottom bracket. Also, I couldn't get it really tight and it came back out again... That's why I did it right this 2nd time and made a video!

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