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Trip to beach in velomobile (180km)

Paul is a brave man. He used his velomobile to transport him to the beach.

It was a 180 km journey (about 110 miles). He did it in Australia which is a country where only 2% of the population use bikes for transportation.

This is an incredible video of Paul's adventure to the Gold Coast in his Mango brand of velomobile. One of the best videos of this sort that I have ever seen. You feel as though you are right in the Mango going to the beach yourself. Amazing machine, killer music, and other worldly video editing make this a video you absolutely must see.

PS - I love the commentary when he bumps into a group of cyclists before he leaves them in the dust. "Hope we can meet up with you for lunch" they say. Paul replies "Yeah, I was planning to be at the beach by breakfast!"

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