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Aaron's Night Lights

Yours truly (Aaron Rosenzweig) got a little crazy with my bike lights after getting hit by a car commuting home from work. The most important modification is a Sturmey Archer "dynamo hub with drum brake." This produces electricity as I pedal so I don't need batteries for my head light and tail light. The net effect is a cross between "Knight Rider" and "Tron".

Head light: Busch and Muller "Lumotec IQ Fly"

Tail light: Busch and Muller "Toplight flat"

The helmet was made by my wife. She purchased Israel made EL-wire with the brand name "LyTec" and used crazy glue to attach it. You can get it from this site in the USA

The secret to using crazy glue (we used "Zap" brand) is to also get the "Zap Kicker" product to make the glue harden within about 30 seconds.

The lights on my arms and back are just stick lights attached to iPod style arm bands.

The spoke lights are computer regulated with a magnet on the fork. I picked them up in Taiwan for about $7 USD each. They produce a lot of light but you won't see the "picture" effect at those slow speeds. My main purpose was to be visible, looking cool is secondary. For the price it's an unbeatable bargain. You have to move really fast to see the POV effect (Persistence-Of-Vision). I'd say you need to be going at least 25 mph if you have only one spoke light. You need the lights on at least 3 spokes to make the effect of objects and animations appear vivid at slow speeds. I'd suggest looking at the SpokePOV kit if you are really into spoke lights: Also a Taiwan company named Anvii also makes a nice product that costs $120 per wheel but is waterproof and allows you to change your images with your computer:

There are other companies too but for various reasons I prefer the ones listed above but still you can look for: Monkey electric, Hokey spokes, etc.

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